The Light Circle

The Light Circle is a free online meditation community.

The Light Circle is a Global Movement!

The Light Circle is fun, healing, enlightening and uplifting!

The Light Circle has the energetic potency to Lighten Up and

heal your day, your month and eventually your entire life.

Together we can heal the world with our light.

We are specialized in doing Quantum Jump meditations

The Art of Your Light around the World

We teach you the Art of surrounding the world with your own light.

We  come together as one from all kinds of walks of life, from every part

of the world to learn the art of Being the Light.

It takes place at the comfort of your own place and it will take you just

a few minutes a month.

This exercise is for an indefinite period and it takes place at a specific time and day,

once a month, every month.

By visualizing your light around the world, you will allow the light to conquer our

world again.

This is the Global Movement that the world has been waiting for!

Together we can heal the world with our light.

Your Online Meditation Community

The Light Circle is your online international meditation community.

We invite you to freely join us and start to shine your own light upon the world.

And the beauty of this healing movement, is that it is totally free!

 Choose to Be the Light and Join our movement!

Every month on the 19th day, we meditate at 19:19 pm in your country!

Whether you are already an experienced meditation practitioner or a total newbie,

you have now come to the right place!

‘All that the World needs right now is Light’
— Chelita Grace

The Light Circle is The Golden Age! We can all get an entrance to the Golden Age by encircling the world with our own light. We can accomplish this with our mind, by visualizing a circle of light around the world. Our purpose is to teach you the proper Light Exercise to accomplish this.

We encourage everyone to join The Light Circle. People from all walks of life from all over the world are joining our movement every hour of every day. Now it’s your time to join!